Past Student Portfolios

After reading your portfolio plans, I thought some of you might find it useful to have a few models of student portfolios to generate ideas for layout and design, so I’ve gathered a few from past students that I think are effective.

  • Moriah Howell‘s site is a great example of a cultivated digital identity: she uses language and design elements to introduce readers to the “world” of her art, and then organizes and presents her sample work well. The link labeled “An Explanation” is her final critical essay.
  • Avery Malone: Here is a simple, clean design, and a good example of a student who categorized his work by various classes, for organization. Avery’s final reflection from Digital Storytelling is also very strong.
  • Brian Carland used a more classic layout, and his final reflection is also good.
  • Here are a few strong examples of graduating students (from UPJ and elsewhere) who have really transformed their websites into job-seeking portfolios in Professional Writing, Communications/PR, and Civil Engineering.

Note: most of these portfolios are from other classes whose final assignment had slightly different criteria (I change it up every semester, really). None of these can or should be used as exact models to replicate, just as sources of inspiration and idea for layout and presentation (especially for how to connect design and digital identity), as well as excellent examples of critical reflections that connect various forms of writing together into a single, cohesive identity.


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