What Are We Doing Here?

This is the question we’ll be taking during this semester’s first class meeting, but I’ll give you a preview of the answer now: no one really knows. That’s an exaggeration. What I mean, what we will discover and explore in discussion tomorrow, is that there are so many answers to the questions “What is digital … More What Are We Doing Here?

Entering New Narrative Realms: Final Multimedia Project

One of the aspects of writing for digital media I’ve been hoping to impress upon you all this semester, is that the realm of “the digital” isn’t so much a singular, discrete entity, but rather a variety of forms, styles, and media that overlap and intersect with the forms, styles, and media we categorize as … More Entering New Narrative Realms: Final Multimedia Project

Remixing the Workshop

You’ve all been assigned (via Canvas) two remixes to complete peer response for, but how we give this feedback is going to be a little different today. Ok, more than a little different. Remember how, in his interview with On the Media, Kenny Goldsmith talked about a class he teaches where he requires students to … More Remixing the Workshop

This is the Remix

Creation requires influence.  Ideas are not property. Discovery belongs to us all. These are just some of the ideas we’ll be exploring in our next unit: the remix. For perhaps the first time ever in your academic career, I am requiring you to plagiarize. In doing so, remember Kirby Ferguson’s mantra: Copy. Transform. Combine. Your task, for this … More This is the Remix

Social Media Studies

When we think of social media, most of us probably think of the simple act of liking and commenting on each others’ memes, pictures of kittens, Instant Pot recipes, and gym selfies. But what if we thought of our social media feeds as stories we were telling about ourselves, in real time? The storytelling and … More Social Media Studies