This is the Remix

Creation requires influence.  Ideas are not property. Discovery belongs to us all. These are just some of the ideas we’ll be exploring in our next unit: the remix narrative. For perhaps the first time ever in your academic career, I am requiring you to plagiarize. In doing so, remember Kirby Ferguson’s mantra: Copy. Transform. Combine. Your … More This is the Remix

Work, Together

Listen, digital writing can be weird and hard and overwhelming, so, to ease into it, for your first assignment, you won’t have to go it alone. Your first narrative project in this class will be an exercise in collaboration. You’ll conceive the narrative, but you’ll work with others (who? that’s up to you!) to create … More Work, Together

The Digital Journal

Today is all about setting up your digital writer’s journal — putting all the pieces in place to make your weekly updates and entries easy and routine. The more work you do now to establish an effective platform for your posts, the easier it will be to find the time for these weekly sessions of … More The Digital Journal

Creative Kleptomaniacs

Art is theft. — Pablo Picasso What Austin Kleon calls “creative kleptomania” has been given many names by many different artists, writers, and makers throughout history. Sampling. Remixing. Uncreative writing. Plagiarism. Whatever you call it, the idea at its core is simple, if abrasive: nothing we create is fully original. Everything builds on what came … More Creative Kleptomaniacs