Final Project Planning

In class on Thursday, 4/4, I will meet with each of you to discuss your final project idea, and make sure it’s ticking all the required boxes for the assignment. Ahead of those meetings, then, you should all brainstorm your final project, and answer the questions below (please bring a printed, hard copy of your responses to class on Thursday):

  • What’s the story you want to tell? That is, what is your final project about, but also what kind of response do you want it to create in your viewers (Entertain? Frighten? Engage reflection? Persuade?)?
  • What kind of personality do you want your project to have? What facets of your identity will be reflected in it — your likes or dislikes, passions, curiosities, concerns, struggles, hobbies, or ways of seeing the world? What kind of tone / language will you use to bring those parts of your identity into this narrative?
  • What multimedia elements (image, text, sound, video, animation, etc.) would you use to tell this story in a way that feels natural? What would each media add to the story?
  • What design and visual choices would make sense for this piece? How would you characterize your visual style goals? What kinds of images or fonts or colors would you use?
  • What genre of digital writing would this story most logically employ? A video or podcast?  A website with networked or branching pages? An interactive text or game? A digital photo essay, or graphic work? A social media feed? Something else I can’t even imagine?
  • Besides the public and multimedia aspects, what other characteristics of digital writing (hypertext, nonlinear, location-based, hacked, collaborative, remixed or interactive) would your project most likely and naturally possess? Why? That is, how would each characteristic be connected to a crucial element of the story?

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