Who (Virtually) Are You? Planning the Digital Portfolio

Based on the blog posts I saw last week, I think many of you could stand to develop a clearer and more detailed sense of the identity and focus of your digital portfolios, so this week, I’m going to collect some plans from you all so I can offer you specific feedback.

I’d like each of you to bring a short write-up to class on Wednesday that describes the following (bulleted responses, or short paragraph answers are both fine):

  • What audience, specifically, do you hope to attract with your digital presence / portfolio? A potential future employer (if so, what organization)? Readers who share a hobby, passion, or interest of yours? A certain age group or other demographic?
  • What three sample pieces of digital writing will you use for your portfolio?
    • For each sample, describe for me the two characteristics of digital writing you feel that sample embodies (if there are more than two, that’s fine). Make sure the sample is digital, and not just digitized, writing, especially if it’s coming from outside this class.
    • Also for each sample, describe how that piece of writing will interest the audience you describe above: will the subject matter be appealing to them? Will the medium or form?
  • What digital medium do you plan to use for your portfolio — your existing website, a new website, or some other form of digital writing like a social media feed? Why did you choose that form (that is, how does it best exemplify the digital identity you are presenting)?
  • What digital medium do you plan to use for your final critical reflective essay — a hyperlinked text essay via blog post or Google docs, or some other digital or multimedia form? Again, explain why that particular medium makes the most sense as a contribution to your portfolio’s digital identity?

Note that your responses to the first two questions especially should offer you a lot of help for your final essay.

You may choose to write this as a blog post for this week or not, but either way, bring me a hard copy of your answers to Wednesday’s class. I’ll read and respond by next Monday, and you will have both class periods next week to work on your digital writing revisions, final essay, and web design.


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