Social Media Study Handouts

Here are the follow-up documents, handouts, slides, and location-based narratives for each of our four social media studies: Instagram Henry the Hippo, location-based narrative Presentation Twitter A World Record Egg, location-based narrative Presentation Facebook UPJ Digital Writing, location-based narrative Handout Snapchat Handout

Social Media Studies

When we think of social media, most of us probably think of the simple act of liking and commenting on each others’ memes, pictures of kittens, Instant Pot recipes, and gym selfies. But what if we thought of our social media feeds as stories we were telling about ourselves, in real time? The storytelling and … More Social Media Studies

Work, Together

Our first digital project, beginning this week, will be an exercise in collaboration. Your group will work together to create a digital text that embodies one of the varied methods of collaboration endemic to the digital environment. Any of the texts that we’ve read, discussed, referenced, or anything that any of what we’ve read reminds … More Work, Together

Tweeting Momed

Here is the link to sign up for a day to become Momed — on Twitter, anyway. Remember, your goal here is to adhere to the genre conventions of Twitter: post links to articles, reply to and retweet others, offer small musings and random thoughts, etc. Remember, too, this is a “public” persona of an … More Tweeting Momed