Mash-Up Memes

Today, we’re going to practice the fine art of using found content to create something new, by using the super-accessible art form of the meme! I want us to see how we can take up the challenge of creativity within the constraints of found content. Your challenge is as follows: to use the images and … More Mash-Up Memes

Work, Together

Our first digital project, beginning this week, will be an exercise in collaboration. Your group will work together to create a digital text that embodies one of the varied methods of collaboration endemic to the digital environment. Any of the texts that we’ve read, discussed, referenced, or anything that any of what we’ve read reminds … More Work, Together

Cut Outs & Mad Libs: Exercises in Analog Generative Lit

Since we will not be meeting as a class on Wednesday, I’d like you all to engage in two short experiments with generative literature, as practice for your own project. What You’ll Need: Two existing bodies of text you can mess with: this may be several pages of a magazine, poetry, a print-out of a news … More Cut Outs & Mad Libs: Exercises in Analog Generative Lit