Consider the Catfish

You’ve all just finished watching Catfish: The Movie, which can be read as a kind of origin story for the TV show, as young Nev himself is “catfished” but ends up developing a friendship with and empathy for his “catfisher.” The article I asked you to read last week, “Consider the Catfish” discusses the TV … More Consider the Catfish

The Invisible Hand

The other day, as a class, we watched and live-tweeted the pilot episode of the show Mr. Robot. From those tweets posted using our shared hashtag (#upjdw), I harvested the text for the following poem. How does it feel, to be contributory participants to a collaborative narrative outside your control? The Invisible Hand: A Collaborative … More The Invisible Hand

Welcome, New Friends!

Wow. I’m so honored that WordPress selected my Writer’s Manifesto post as a Freshly Pressed post last week, and so happy it seems to have resonated with a lot of creative people. I wanted to say hi, and welcome, to the blog’s new followers. As you may have noticed, this is actually the blog for … More Welcome, New Friends!

Fun with Typography

I Love Typography is a great resource for exploring the art of the letter. Here’s a useful post with the basic principles of web typography we discussed in class. Typography Games I Shot the Serif: Test your ability to recognize serif vs. sans serif fonts I Love Typography’s The Font Game asks you to identify … More Fun with Typography