A Garden of Overlapping Paths: Generative Workshopping Location-Based Narratives

Throughout our unit on location-based narratives, we’ve spent a lot of time discussing the significance of layering, and the ways in which digital tools and technologies allow us to create or reveal a narrative layer onto a physical or fictional place. What we haven’t said, at least not explicitly, is that this can be seen … More A Garden of Overlapping Paths: Generative Workshopping Location-Based Narratives

The Digital Journal

Today is all about setting up your digital writer’s journal — putting all the pieces in place to make your weekly updates and entries easy and routine. The more work you do now to establish an effective platform for your posts, the easier it will be to find the time for these weekly sessions of … More The Digital Journal

Consider the Catfish

You’ve all just finished watching Catfish: The Movie, which can be read as a kind of origin story for the TV show, as young Nev himself is “catfished” but ends up developing a friendship with and empathy for his “catfisher.” The article I asked you to read last week, “Consider the Catfish” discusses the TV … More Consider the Catfish

The Invisible Hand

The other day, as a class, we watched and live-tweeted the pilot episode of the show Mr. Robot. From those tweets posted using our shared hashtag (#upjdw), I harvested the text for the following poem. How does it feel, to be contributory participants to a collaborative narrative outside your control? The Invisible Hand: A Collaborative … More The Invisible Hand

Welcome, New Friends!

Wow. I’m so honored that WordPress selected my Writer’s Manifesto post as a Freshly Pressed post last week, and so happy it seems to have resonated with a lot of creative people. I wanted to say hi, and welcome, to the blog’s new followers. As you may have noticed, this is actually the blog for … More Welcome, New Friends!