Workshop: Guerrilla Digital Lit

Today’s class is devoted to showing your works-in-progress to your classmates to get feedback on how you could expand on / revise / extend your guerrilla digital lit projects so that the work you hand in on Friday is the best possible version of itself. When you arrive in class, pull up your collaborative narrative on the machine in front of you (or lay it out on the desk).

In addition, set up a new Google doc on your machine that includes:

  • The title of your project (yes, it should have a title)
  • Your name
  • And copy and paste in the following questions:
    • What is the story being told here?
    • What Web 2.0 platform is being used?
    • How has the author worked to make their story “fit” on this platform? What conventions of style, tone, form, and media are they using? How does their story appear like a typical post on this platform?
    • How is the author subverting or misusing the platform? How does their story NOT look like a typical post on this platform? What is unexpected about this combination?
    • Why do you think the author chose this platform for this story? What are they trying to do or say with this piece? How is this a hack?
    • How could this hack be pushed further? What other features of the platform can you imagine being a part of this narrative? How could they further exploit is for their own nefarious narrative purposes?
    • Does the project include both hypertext and multiple media?
    • How does the story invite participation or interaction?
    • Who are the contributors? What is the nature of their participation (conscious, contributory, or unwitting)?
    • How has the story grown or changes because of this collaboration from other users?
    • How technically polished is the piece? How could the author improve the ease of reading or navigating the text?
  • Add to those questions any specific concerns you have about how your text is working, or what more you could do to deepen or expand it.

You’ll be leaving your project and these questions behind so please refrain from adding any additional commentary. The goal of a peer workshop is to get a fresh perspective on your work, to see how well your vision is manifesting; explaining the project to your peers ahead of time interferes with the usefulness of their feedback.

You have until the end of the week to revise, expand, add to, rearrange, and further your guerrilla lit project. It’s due by Friday at 5pm, as part of this week’s blog post. Your blog post this week will be a detailed reflection on the process of writing / developing / creating this project (more detail on the reflection, including specific questions to address, in this post); this post should still be public, hypertext, and multimedia, and should include a link to your project, or photos / slideshow of it, depending on its creation.

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