Choose an Action: Interactive Peer Workshop

Today, as usual, we are going to have a peer response workshop that mirrors the principles of the unit we’ve been working in. We are going to build a hypertext, multimedia interactive narrative by giving feedback to individual stories of our peers.


I’ve created a series of hyperlinked Google Docs organized around the principles of good interactive narratives we made together. You will begin at the Table of Contents. First, enter a link to your narrative in the “index,” and then, pick another narrative listed there  and play / explore it thoroughly.

Once you are ready to form a response to that narrative, you should return to the Table of Contents, and follow the links to at least two chapters from Section One and one chapter from Section Two to leave your feedback on that narrative. For each narrative, make sure to express one element that you thought worked well, and one element that you thought could be improved.

The catch is, you will need to organize your comments into an ongoing collaborative narrative based on the criteria in the Table of Contents. This will be challenging! If you’re the first one in the section, you’ll have some extra material to include: introduce the topic, discuss its significance, and then use your particular narrative to illustrate the point you’re making. If you’re not the first one there, you must not simply add a new paragraph or section to the existing “chapter” but rather should try to integrate your comments on a particular narrative into the unfolding discussion.

Each time you type a response (that is, in each new section), I want you to add at least one hyperlink to a source outside the project, because I want you to support your response with other resources. You can find a starting list of possibilities in the ‘resources’ section, but should also feel free to include other examples and comparisons to games or stories with which you are familiar. If you do so, please also add them to the list of references where relevant.

Over the course of the class period, I also want each person to embed one image somewhere in our document. This could be a screenshot of gameplay (yours of a peer’s narrative, or of another game / IF referenced) or any other relevant comparison you can think of to make your point. Make sure to caption / cite the image.

My hope is that you will be able to thoroughly explore and comment on 2-3 narratives during class time. That should suggest to you how much time I want you to spend exploring each piece, and commenting on it. Make your responses thorough and detailed.


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