Mash-Up Memes

Today, we’re going to practice the fine art of using found content to create something new, by using the super-accessible art form of the meme! I want us to see how we can take up the challenge of creativity within the constraints of found content.

Your challenge is as follows: to use the images and text found by searching #remixUPJ to create three memes. You can choose any image, and any text that you find there (including text in hashtags) and should create a text + image mash-up in the form of a meme.  The only thing you can’t do is go out searching for your own text or image — you can only choose from those you find in the #remixUPJ.

There are a variety of meme generators that make this a super easy task, technically. Make as many as you like and, as you do, tweet them using this new hashtag: #UPJremixed (this way you can check out what other people have made using your contributions without crowding out the original source material).

Make sure to save your memes, and once you have a few that you really love, you can begin working on this week’s blog post. Your blog this week should be a post that includes your three best memes, and at least one meme created by someone else in the class, using one of your text or image contributions.

The blog post itself should discuss what you’ve learned about remixing and uncreative artistic production. What do these memes demonstrate about originality in the digital age? How were you influenced by your peers’ contributions? How did you influence others? How did you maintain originality? What does creativity mean in a mashup culture?


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