Blogging for Beginners

In addition to our conferences, this week is all about getting your website and other social media accounts for class up and running. A few notes / reminders to help you with that as you work in the classroom:

  • There are links to plug and play platforms for blogging on our Resources page. All of them will offer you the features needed for this class. All of them also have many, many tutorials and guides online, so embraced the DIY ethos this week and try to find the answers to your questions that way!
  • Your blog, for now, should have two components: a static “about me” page (featuring a short bio about who you are, what you’re blogging about, and how it connects with digital writing), and a blog page, where your weekly posts will appear. Make sure you learn the difference between a post and a page.
  • This week, you should also take the time to play with layout, design, images, colors, etc. You’ll be writing weekly blogs from here on out, so you may not have the extra time for visual work later, and a professional, visually-appealing look is a valuable thing for your blog to have.
  • Make sure you figure out how to edit the site title and/or subtitle (the header text on the page itself) so that it doesn’t say something like MKLENGWRT0511BLOG when a visitor comes to your website.
  • Remember there are student sample websites for you to browse for content and design ideas on the right frame of this page.
  • You’ll also want a Twitter account for this class, so if you don’t have one yet, or you’d rather set up a separate account for this class only, take the time to do that this week, too. When we do use Twitter for classroom discussions or homework assignments, we’ll be using hashtags, but getting the account started now, and maybe even linking it to your blog, is a good idea.

Spend your class time this week getting all of those features in place. Your first blog post is due by Friday at 12pm, and you’ll want to write that up after our conference together, so spend this week’s class time on the architecture, layout, and visual appearance of the blog itself.


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