Animated Corpses: Stories in Place

Using the Berens lecture and the Ruston article to frame and support your thoughts, write a 2-3 paragraph response to any of the following questions about locative narratives. The central question, really, is this:

Why locative narratives?

What is the value of a story inseparably located in a particular place or series of places? How do location-based narratives add or reveal layers that transform an existing space? How does the physical space impact or affect location-based narratives? Why is digital writing uniquely suited to location-based narratives? How are digital locative narratives significantly different from reading a book in a particular place? What kind of investment, in terms of time and effort, require from readers, and how do those differ from the investment required by other forms of narrative like books, TV, or video games?

Finally, let’s ask ourselves a question Berens asks at the beginning of her lecture: is there something site-specific about the stories you have written thus far this semester?

You don’t need to address all of these questions, but you should address some, and your response should include at least one reference to a sample locative text referenced lecture, article, or that I asked you to look over before today.

You may write your response by posting it to your blog, as a comment on this blog post, or you may simply keep it to yourself, and simply use it to contribute to our class discussion.


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