Virtual Discussion: Interactive Narratives

As I mentioned in class Wednesday, we won’t be meeting as a class in physical space on Monday; instead, we will be meeting virtually, in a Google doc. As with any class, you have some reading and writing to do in preparation for that “meeting.”

The focus of our next unit will be interactive narratives: creating texts that progress, unfold, or change based on the reader’s interaction with it, whether in the form of decision-making, text input, or physical movement.

To prepare for this discussion, I’ll ask all of you to read the two short pieces listed on the syllabus on “Interactive Fiction” by Emily Short, and “Interactive Narrative” by Marie-Laure Ryan.

Then, choose one sample interactive narrative and spend significant time reading/exploring it. You may either choose a piece mentioned in the Short or Ryan articles, many of which are available online or as free downloads, or you may choose one of the pieces below (all of which cost to download / play):

Pick an interactive narrative that sounds interesting or compelling to you, and spend some time engaging with it, exploring, playing, experimenting, and, well, interacting

Then, I want you to use this Google doc to write a response of the interactive narrative you chose to read in-depth; discuss your experience reading / playing the using the concepts from either the Short or Ryan articles.

I want everyone to post their reading response in the document sometime between 4-7pm on Monday, Oct. 12th, in lieu of our class meeting (your post here will count as your attendance for the day). Make sure to include your name with your contribution.

You may either write your response directly into the Google doc, or you may write your response as a blog post, and post a link to that entry in this document; in either case, you are encouraged to embed links to the interactive piece you discuss, any other sources, and / or multimedia like images or screenshots that help us understand your response.


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