The Invisible Hand

The other day, as a class, we watched and live-tweeted the pilot episode of the show Mr. Robot. From those tweets posted using our shared hashtag (#upjdw), I harvested the text for the following poem. How does it feel, to be contributory participants to a collaborative narrative outside your control?

The Invisible Hand: A Collaborative Poem Inspired by Mr. Robot

Powerful group of people that are running the world.
Marvel’s Illuminati?
Apple, Bill Crosby, and Tom Brady.
Doesn’t matter I still work for them.
Scary true though
Everyones eyes are so big.

Hoping this show is actually about robot.

Shit! its actually happening I’m talking to an imaginary person
sounds like it was only in his head
sounds like  too smart for his own good i guess
sounds like like he’s haunted by PTSD
I think he might be a little crazy
Almost let too much slip

I’m really good at reading people, my secret, I look for the worst in them.
My secret, I look for the worst in them.
That’s my secret.

a mind-f

I’m okay with things being awkward between us.

Oh man, he doesn’t give a shit about money
A vigilante? What are his motives?
We know that money is not a motive.
Okay maybe he wasn’t after the money
The modern day Robin Hood?
My man is “deleting” people
Over 400,000 users
Destroying his business in 5 minutes.
Behind the hack…. But what does he want
WHY. For his own gain or for the benefit of others? At whose cost?

Hacking is my life. I’m socially
Awkward around people. Peoples information to
get inside peoples heads
What actually happens in the cyber world I wonder
How hacking actually works
How close to reality the tech really is
Curious to how close to reality
My password to all my accounts is the same…

What is it about society that disappoints you so much?
Is our social media faking intimacy?
Are all our heroes counterfeit?
It feels like all our heros are counterfeit.
Or maybe it’s that it feels like all our heroes are counterfeit.
Ugh. Definitely
Imagining if my college debt was erased
to be a part of the hackers team
what a cynical
you know you want

Are you just imagining things again?
Only guilty if you get caught?

What do normal people do when they get this sad?

Me, I do morphine.
modern society & internet/hacking mental-illness &
drug-addiction perspective

Exciting time in the world right now, exciting time.

There was more to that hobo
than we were led on to believe. His hair
way too nice to be in poverty.
We have nothing to talk about if you deleted it
if not come with me

Skeleton imagery and death rhetoric
The ferris wheel conversation
It ends when you walk out that door, it begins when you walk in

The symmetry of the 1% of the 1%
Is this a delusion? It can’t be a delusion.

The show is not about robots


One thought on “The Invisible Hand

  1. Somehow, I see these live tweets as some kind of art. They really capture the mind-fuck of the show too. This is very original! I wonder how I would have felt if there were hashtags in the poem…

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