I’ve updated the sidebar of this site to include links to all of your websites; this way, you can check in on each others’ blogs, for layout / design ideas, post inspiration, focus, and more. I thought I’d give shout-outs to a couple blogs, so those of you still working out the kinks can have some idea of what we’re going for.

I really love Emily’s blog, because I can tell she made design choices that are in keeping with the blog’s subject matter — this looks like a blog by a future educator. Jake did a great job with his first post, especially because he connected what he wants to learn about in this class to some digital writing he already does (and included a link to his other website).

Lots of the rest of you did great work, too — I’ll often feature some stand outs here.

Some of you haven’t quite gotten the layout done correctly yet, so take a look at the two I mentioned here to get a sense of what makes for a good start. The most common problem I’m seeing right now is with the blog component — some of you added a static page for your first entry, instead of adding a post, so make sure you’ve got that right.

Pro-tip: if the URL when you’re looking at your first entry looks something like, then you probably made a static page. If it has a date or time stamp in there, then you probably made a post. Another good way to test is to try and add another post (you can delete it later). Does it show up on the same page as the first, or someplace else? All your blog posts should appear on one page.

Don’t fret if you haven’t gotten the hang of this yet — you’ve got a long weekend ahead to fiddle around and figure this out. But do take the time to do it now (and, while you’re at it, work on changing your site title and/or subtitle, away from the defaults and towards something that makes sense for the class) while you have some time. And remember to write your first blog post ASAP.

I’ll see you all next week for a weird, wonderful exploration of emerging / hybrid forms of electronic writing!


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