Final Digital Portfolio

For your final project in this class, I want you to transform your blog/website into a digital portfolio showcasing your work and reflecting on what you’ve learned over the course of the semester. You should consider what you most need/want your website to be: if you’re a writer, showcase your narrative and storytelling abilities. If you’re a marketing major, perhaps you want your digital portfolio to relate to your abilities to promote and shape a brand. Be a developer, a musician, an artist, whatever you like. Think about your website as a way to present a particular version of you to the digital world.

Your portfolio will consist of the following components:

  • Blog posts from throughout the semester. This should include all required blog posts, links to your assignments, artist’s statements, etc. Your final (most recent) blog post should be a reflection that describes how your understanding of writing and reading has evolved over the course of the semester, and how you have grown as a composer, an inventor and a thinker. Describe the skills you have gained in this class and why you think digital writing matters.
  • Any additional material, beyond the work you’ve completed in this class, that you think helps complete the portfolio. What other work of yours (whether creative, academic, or professional) fits into this digital version of you? You may add this additional material as blog posts, a links page, or other static pages labeled accordingly.
  • A static “About” page. Here, introduce yourself, your portfolio, its purpose, and your audience. Include a link to your map page.
  • A static “Map” or “Navigation” page. This page should serve to guide your reader through your site. The purpose of this navigation page is to use your blog entries, digital writing assignments, and additional material to illustrate how the individual components of your  digital portfolio fit together to create a holistic picture of who you are. This navigation page can take the form of any genre you feel is appropriate such as a “traditional” table of contents page with headings, subheadings, and entry titles, or a concept map, drawing, or cartoon. Perhaps you want to create a narrative or story with hyperlinks and images. It’s completely up to you. You do not need to reference every blog entry or assignment from the class on this page, but as least a few should be included.

I’ll be evaluating your portfolio based on its cohesive navigation (can I find everything/does everything fit), the thoroughness of your about page and navigation page/reflection, and the overall design aesthetic of your website.

To that end, the first stage of developing your digital portfolio should be mapping out the new navigation, and deciding on content. For this, you should use the model websites you brought in as a guide to write up a brief plan regarding what you want your site to look like, what kind of layout/navigation it should contain, and what sample work is typically included in this kind of portfolio. You might consider the use of multimedia features, contact functions, or linking your social media accounts.

Overall, think about making this a polished, professional artifact — something that can serve you outside and beyond this class.

You should let me know your portfolio is complete by emailing me the link to your website prior to 10 AM on Wednesday, Dec. 10th (our final exam period). I’ll ask that you keep these digital portfolios intact until the beginning of next semester (for grading purposes). After that, feel free to dismantle or change any components to suit your own digital needs.


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