Tweeting Momed

Here is the link to sign up for a day to become Momed — on Twitter, anyway.

Remember, your goal here is to adhere to the genre conventions of Twitter: post links to articles, reply to and retweet others, offer small musings and random thoughts, etc. Remember, too, this is a “public” persona of an international political figure. Think about the version of himself Momed would be trying to present here. Make sure to familiarize yourself with whatever has already been written by others when you begin your turn at the helm. Be part of developing a consistent voice, and avoid unnecessary repetition.

You are welcome to collaborate/interfere with each other as much or as little as you’d like. Some of you may, for instance, be interested in creating Twitter accounts for your other characters, and creating a dialogue between them and Momed (and this activity is NOT limited to your day at the helm–challenge each other!). You may incorporate your visual artifacts, or details and artifacts from the Generative Literature Project or Theopolis College (or from the Theopolis Facebook page).

Many of the distinguished alumni of Theopolis College (whose bios you can find here) are already Momed’s Twitter followers, so you may want to consider incorporating conversation with them into your performance.


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