Interactive Story Elements

In class Tuesday, you will all be tasked with crafting an interactive component of Momed’s ongoing story, this one specifically designed to present either a motive or alibi for Momed on the night of Cadence Mackarthur’s murder.

I’m eager to follow your leads here, so go wherever you’d like. Here are a few ideas/resources I can envision you using:

  • Cowbird would allow you to weave text, image, and audio commentary together to show us an image relating to Momed/Mackarthur’s murder. The voiceover could describe the context for the image, and the text could even relate to what investigators see or think about the image. Here’s a sample piece created in Cowbird.
  • You could use Timeglider to construct a timeline of Momed’s visits to Theopolis, or to chart some other significant storyline from his life.
  • Meograph blends location services like Google Maps with audio, text, or video commentary. Since Momed is such a global citizen, I can see how a location element would be useful to his story — plotting and commenting on his travels, his international associates, etc.
  • You could also certainly use a social media with which you are already familiar: Instagram or Facebook feeds, Vines or a fictional Theopolis YikYak could be a really interesting way to plant clues, or alibis.

I really want you to embrace the interactive component of digital storytelling here. Create something that a reader can PLAY with, or explore, and use to draw their own conclusions about Cadence’s murder.


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