Twitter Remix

Today in class, we’ll be watching Kirby Ferguson’s serial documentary Everything Is A Remix. We’ll begin discussing it a bit today, and will carry that discussion into next week, when we will add an article by Ken Goldsmith on “Uncreative Writing,” to the mix, along with a few examples of sampled or mashed-up digital artifacts.

I want our discussion to be fluid, ongoing, explorative, and at least a little fun, so we’ll begin it in social media space. During the film today in class, and throughout the next four days, I’d like you all to tweet your thoughts, questions, comments, observations, or even examples, and we’ll use that feed to guide our in-class conversations.

You can either tweet directly at me (@MKLandrigan) or use the hashtags #EverythingIsARemix or #UPJDigiWrit (one of those options or a combination — either is fine).

If you don’t have a Twitter account, or if you have one you’d rather keep private/locked, it’s easy to set one up!


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