massive, leaky, and anonymous

I keep forgetting to announce this in class, so here we go.

As some of you  know, the Humanities division is in the process of developing a new major in Multimedia and Digital Culture, which would blend offerings in digital tools and technologies with critical theory and workshops in writing and analyzing electronic media objects and art. It’s going to be really awesome.

And so, this semester, we are kicking off what will be an annual lecture series on subjects related to digital and electronic media, with a visit from Dr. Charles “Sandy” Baldwin: “massive, leaky, and anonymous: some notes on post-digital writing, performance, and intervention.”

A screenshot of one of Dr. Baldwin’s pieces: a code disruption in the game Half Life which transformed lines from a Billy Collins poem into enemies which can be attacked by the player.

Dr. Baldwin teaches at WVU, where he also directs their Center for Literary Computing. His creative work experiments with text, sound, image, and collaborative performance — some of his work, for example, includes disruptive performance art in Second Life. His lecture will be part performance/reading, part critical discussion, and should be incredibly interesting. I think I can safely say like nothing you’ve ever seen.

I’d encourage you all to join us this Monday, Sept. 22, at 7pm in Blackington 138.


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