We’ve got two projects ongoing, so I’ve gathered a few timely reminders and deadlines together here.

Thursday, 9/18, we will have a works-in-progress showcase of our prose redesign projects. Think of this as a draft workshop in a regular writing class. Bring a complete version of your project in its current working state. This should be more than an idea or concept and should show us you’ve made progress on the project, but it can still be in need of revision, suggestion, or polish.

Please bring your project in a form you can display digitally, unless you fall into one of the analog exceptions we discussed in class. I’ll ask you each to show us your project, and explain your process of creation thus far, including vision/concept, resources/software you’ve used, design/typographic choices, and where you plan to go next. Then, we’ll all offer feedback for continued growth.

You should also be working on your character sketches for the Generative Literature Project. Remember these three components:

  • Register your character using this form on the GLP site. You should do this by the end of the week.
  • Create a visual artifact by/associated with your character (make sure to coordinate with your group).
  • Write up your 2-3 paragraph character sketch.

We will have another group work day in Blackington 232 on Tuesday, 9/23 for you to continue this work.

You will hand in your sketch and artifact EITHER by posting them as an entry to your course blog OR creating a shareable Google Doc and emailing me the link. Please no Word docs or other email attachments. The deadline for that is class time on Thursday, 9/25.


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